User Flow Analysis

Uncover the usage patterns that drive growth metrics

UserFlow automatically delivers deep insights about user behavior, allowing product teams to quickly diagnose issues and make better product decisions.

Analyze User Flow

UserFlow uses machine learning to automatically detect event sequences that have strong influence on user conversion and churn. Insights extracted by UserFlow result in increased revenue, better user understanding and improved product design.

Proprietary UserFlow models automatically filter through trillions of possible event combinations, delivering actionable insights without engineering/data scientist effort.

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  • 1 Upload your data
    UserFlow requires no integration with your product. Simply upload your user data from a number of databases or analytics tools, such as Firebase, Google Analytics, Heap, ...
  • 2 Discover user flows
    Once you upload your data, UserFlow's algorithms will start processing and discovering step-by-step user journeys.
  • 3 Analyze
    Once processing is finished, you can explore and analyze the user flows. Simply select a starting and ending event and see the user flows that start from or end with the respective event.