Storing datasets on the local file system is outdated

Scalable Array Data Warehouse on the Cloud to Store Multidimensional Data for Visualization, Streaming and Machine Learning.

Seamless Integration with Your Application

Store any type of unstructured data including point cloud, semantic segmentation, video objects, lidar/radar, volumetric medical images, high resolution areal images, media content and streaming data in the Single Powerful Cloud-Native Array Data Warehouse.

Self-Driving Cars

Point Cloud, Segmentation

Medical Images

Volumetric MRI or Xray

Aerial Images

Satellite and drone imagery


Self-checkout datasets


Images, Video, Audio storage


Streaming Data


Serverless Interface As Fast As If Files Are Local

*Refer to the benchmarking below

Seamless Integration:: Access the data using Array SQL or Native Array available in major programming languages C++, Python, R, JS etc. Super simple to connect to your current workflow

Data management: Storing peta-scale datasets with version control and letting multiple data scientists working on the same data in sync. Supports major encryption and compression methods on the edge, in transmit and at rest.

Cloud Native: Can be deployed on major clouds and Kubernetes-native infrastructure. Multi-level caching optimized data transfer across multiple clusters with in-memory and cold storage backup support.

Machine Learning: Native integration with Numpy, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Spark. Accessing from multiple machines at the same time at scale. Train models and visualize the data without trouble.

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Complete Array SQL Data Warehouse

Secure Data Sharing across regions / clouds

Always-on enterprise grade encryption in transit and at rest

Federated authentication


per compute hour


Premier Support 24 x 365

Faster response time

SLA with refund for outage


per compute hour


Multi-Cluster warehouse

Annual rekey of all encrypted data

AWS PrivateLink available for extra fee


per compute hour


HIPAA support

Database failover and failback

PCI compliance


per compute hour

On Demand Storage

Pay for usage month to month.


per TB / per month

*Data out transfer cost $0.1 GB

Capacity Storage

Pay for usage up front.


per TB / per month

*Data out transfer cost $0.1 GB